CULTIE (‘kʌltɪ) - short for cultivator.

We reference culture, cultivation of the land, and cultivation of the soul—the human spirit—Cultura Animi.                       

A global spiritually-minded culture, free of dogma and religious prejudice, emerges. Its blurred boundaries include Generation X, Y, Millennials, Boomers, Babies, Art Producers, Cottage Industry Enthusiasts, Techies, Hipsters, Bourgeois Bohemians, Traditional Spiritual Practitioners, Yoga Yuppies, as well as regular folks.

The niche capacities of the internet are already offering a cure to bland media that speaks to everyone and no one. The political consequences of internet activism and instantaneous information sharing are tangible. 

But what are the common ingredients needed for survival in a time when when global and temporal cultures are merging?

People need to be:

  • Globally aware and locally active.

  • Ready for a ecologically sustainable way of life. 

  • Dedicated to the cultivation of the human spirit and the enhancement of consciousness.

  • Aware that our financial system needs a reboot. 

Embracing ancient knowledge and science is a must for the future culture.

We respect science. However, our respect is founded on an overwhelming intuition that science is currently being used for profit, not human evolution. Dogmatic materialism and clannish skeptic communities spin the narrative of science.

The secular science culture and non-dogmatic spiritual culture need to incorporate complementary elements. They already are.

The spiritual seeker joins the cultural dialogue, keeps tuning in, stops dropping out. The hip shed their shadow of sarcasm and recognize their failure to understand or embody the esoteric philosophies of the historical underground cultures they mimics. The scientist recognizes the reality of non-local consciousness. 

The cross-cultural emergence includes:

  • New systems and ways to transform current economic, governmental, and social organizations—Humanity 2.0.

  • Design with philosophy at its core.

  • Technology that makes us more human.

  • Art openly tackling issues of healing and spiritual cultivation.

The Human Spirit, not Religion.

It shouldn't be taboo to talk about spiritual phenomenon. As the arguable founder of modern psychology, Carl Jung said, “Spirit is psychic fact.”

There’s no need to veil spiritual ideas in intellectual, sociological, or psychological terms unless necessary to formulate a complex argument or envision a similarly complex system. However, there is no longer room on this planet for religious fundamentalists of any kind, who impose their belief systems on others with violence and threats—both physical and verbal. 

Wisdom is a noble goal. The potential for enlightenment exists.

It beckons us to a change of perspective that forever alters, in a positive way, the universe we experience. However, exoteric religions—whether mind-controlling belief systems meant to organize populations, or even scientific paradigms that refuse to recognize the power of the observer—are whack. 

Education, research, and even anecdotal evidence come first. Not doctrine of any sort.

What is non-local consciousness?

Non-local consciousness, and the concept of spirit, are central to all we explore. We affirm that science proves the existence of spirit, a quantum understanding of the material world and self.

To take it to the street, the mind is not limited to your physical body— consciousness is the essence of all things. This understanding is in direct opposition to the materialists worldview.

The findings of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research explain it well:“[T]here exists a much deeper and more extensive source of reality, which is largely insulated from direct human experience, representation, or even comprehension.” They call this domain the “Source.”

As stated in the resultant book Filters and Reflections- 

"We reject the popular presumption that all modes of human information processing are completely executed within the physiological brain, and that all experiential sensations are epiphenomena of the biophysical and biochemical states thereof. Rather, we … regard the brain as a neurologically localized utility that serves a much more extended “mind,” or “psyche,” or “consciousness” that far transcends the brain in its capacity, range, endurance, and subtlety of operation, and that is far more sophisticated than a mere antenna for information acquisition or a silo for its storage. In fact, we … contend that it [extended mind, psyche, consciousness] is the ultimate organizing principle of the universe, creating reality through its ongoing dialogue with the unstructured potentiality of the Source. In short, we subscribe to the assertion of [astrophysicist] Arthur Eddington nearly a century ago: “Not once in the dim past, but continuously, by conscious mind is the miracle of the Creation wrought.”

What do you want to CULTiVATE?

*CULTiE Supports:

Free Energy- Green, Sustainable


Organics- GMO Labeling, Sustainable Ag.  

Urban Greening 

New Transportation—High Speed Rail, Global Public Trans 

Alternative Economics—Solid State Economy, De-Growth, Sharing Economy



Interfaith Dialogue 

Scientific Research of Non-local Consciousness