What Is Non-Local Consciousness?

The mind is not limited to your physical body— consciousness is the essence of all things. This understanding is in direct opposition to the materialist’s worldview.

Now scientists are confirming what mystics have known for millennia. The findings of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research explain it well:“There exists a much deeper and more extensive source of reality, which is largely insulated from direct human experience, representation, or even comprehension.”

They call this domain the “Source.”

As stated in the resultant Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research book Filters and Reflections:

"We reject the popular presumption that all modes of human information processing are completely executed within the physiological brain, and that all experiential sensations are epiphenomena of the biophysical and biochemical states thereof.

Rather, we … regard the brain as a neurologically localized utility that serves a much more extended “mind,” or “psyche,” or “consciousness” that far transcends the brain in its capacity, range, endurance, and subtlety of operation, and that is far more sophisticated than a mere antenna for information acquisition or a silo for its storage.

In fact, we … contend that it [extended mind, psyche, consciousness] is the ultimate organizing principle of the universe, creating reality through its ongoing dialogue with the unstructured potentiality of the Source. In short, we subscribe to the assertion of [astrophysicist]

Arthur Eddington nearly a century ago: “Not once in the dim past, but continuously, by conscious mind is the miracle of the Creation wrought.”