Lady Gaga appears (nude) in a strange meditation video, engaging in what’s deemed the Abramovic Method.  

We are most interested in the GIANT CRYSTAL she cuddles, convinced it is the Great Crystal referred to by the 19th century's most famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, in numerous trance readings. Cultie is determined to attain the crystal in order to realign the Merkaba fields of planet earth and bring forward the prophesied future Golden Age. (We reached out to relevant parties with no response.)

The video appears on a Kickstarter campaign for the Marina Abramovic Institute, a proposed center for awareness and performance training.

Marina Abramovic is a Serbian New York-based performance artist who began creating art in the 70s. A recent notable project was the “The Artist is Present” in 2010 at the MOMA, a piece that involved Abramovic sitting in a chair for 736 hours. Viewers were allowed to sit in front of her one on one, gazing into the artist’s eyes for extended periods, often with mutually emotional results.

Abramovic plans on building an institute in upstate New York serving as a laboratory for art, science, technology, and spirituality.

Her “method” is focused on enhancing the performance and appreciation of long durational work, that is, performances that are over 6 hours long.  

As for Gaga, it’s clear her career has ensured access to resources most of us can hardly imagine, including elite performance training. And the biggest healing crystals money can buy.

To be sure, her enthusiastic participation has kicked the fundraising up to a higher frequency.