Google Glass is heralded as one of the hottest technologies to come out of Google for a while. Basically its a pair of glasses that also acts as a viewing screen displaying information normally available on a mobile device.

Google Glass will most likely offer up information about the user’s direct environment, stores with products the user might like and wikipedia information about specific landmarks and locations.

There are a few reasons why I think Google Glass will fail, especially for males.

Nobody is a good multitasker. Men in particular have a problem lending attention to multiple tasks and sources of information input. Google Glass will lead to a massive amount car accidents if used while driving. (That is of course, unless they are in a self-driving Google Car, but that’s another story.)

Can you imagine talking to someone at a party wearing Google Glass? They’d nod, “Uh-huh, yeah…” all the while they’re checking their Fantasy Football scores online.

Now let’s get to the way they look. Wearing Google Glass is like wearing one of those wireless earsets—you know, the Star Trek style that were popular for a while. It doesn’t look cool.

The only way to pull it off is to totally futurize your entire outfit. The result might be something like this Vogue shoot.

Which brings us to an even deeper issue— why does the future look like the 60’s? 

Maybe our visions of futurism and technological utopia haven’t really advanced much since then.